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"I think the biggest advantages that Titan Grips have over others is that they change the angle to help with either wrist pain and/or give a better angle to improve muscle contractions."  -3x Olympian IFBB Pro Terrence Ruffin

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Titan Grips are a patented product that is proudly made in the USA. They are a grip that can attach to almost any existing equipment found in gyms today. The grip is made up of a polyurethane that is flexible but very stout and does not compress when weight is applied. Designed to help you isolate target muscles, diversify equipment and improve ergonomics, the grip snaps on immediately changing the angle of the bar/grip which allows the users palm to pronate or supinate depending on which direction they have the grip facing. By changing the angle of your hand placement, it changes your workout entirely.

We are proud to say that thousands of people all over the world are using Titan Grips! Trust us and get yourself the most diverse and effective grips in the industry! Just read what our athletes have to say below!

Sergio Oliva Jr.

Titan Grips athlete New York Pro Champion Sergio Oliva Jr


Why did you partner with Titan grips?

"Titan Grips fit will with my joints and relieves aches I’ve had from lifting certain angles in the gym. I already loved the product but everyone on the team was an added bonus."

Why should people use our grips?

"They can change so many workouts you’re already doing and help if you are at a stalemate. They literally make new exercises on almost every movement."

What are your two favorite muscle groups to hit with Titan Grips?

"Back and biceps!"

“I can’t believe a little piece like these Titan Grips can change so many workouts I’ve done for years. I’m seriously just making sh*t up in the gym like they’re toys. I just throw them on exercises just to see how and where it changes the stimulation points. 

A main focus for me is targeting my inner upper chest. Like all of you, I’ve put the 2x4 across machines to do close grip, diamond presses etc. By throwing these (Titan Grips) on a simple incline hammer strength, I can target that area without engaging my shoulders.”

Ms. Olympia Shanique Grant

Titan Grips athlete Ms.Olympia Shanique Grant

"I honestly never knew what a big difference these would make! Its a tiny piece of plastic that makes you hit muscles even better without you even having to think about it. Titan Grips is taking fitness grips to a whole new level and i am so happy to be apart of this epic company!"

"Biceps have been a weak point for me, mainly getting a real peak contraction. Incorporating Titan Grips into my everyday training has helped my biceps and triceps go to a whole new level!"

Brandon Hendrickson

Titan Grips athlete Mr. Olympia Brandon Hendrickson

Why did you choose to attach your name to Titan Grips? 

"I saw greats like Sergio and Shanique using them so I trusted the brand. I have issues (pain) with my forearms when training biceps and the grips helped relieve pain while training."

Why should people use Titan Grips?

"People should use them when trying to change up their lifts and hit different muscle groups in their lifts...requires you to use muscle fibers you aren't used to to using to bring out the full potential of the muscles growth"

What are your favorite muscle groups to us Titan Grips on?

"Definitely Arms and Chest" 

Terrence Ruffin

Titan Grips athlete Ifbb Pro Classic Physique Terrence Ruffin

Why did you partner with Titan Grips?

"After testing them out over a few months and people I consider more experienced than me also use them. I felt comfortable associating my name with the Titan Grips." 

Why should people use Titan grips?

"I think the biggest advantages that Titan Grips have over others is that they change the angle to help with either wrist pain and/or give a better angle to improve muscle contractions." 

What are you favorite muscle groups to use the grips on?

 "I use them for my entire upper so I don’t t have a favorite muscle group, but my favorite things to use them on are the smith machine and machine preacher curls."

Titan Grips Instructional Videos

Learn how to maximize your lifts with Titan Grips by watching our video training series lead by Sergio Oliva Jr himself! Check out our YouTube channel to see how to use our grips on arms, chest, back and shoulders!

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Become a retailer or distributor for Titan Grips! Whether you want to add Titan Grips as merchandise in your gym/supplement store or you want to bring Titan Grips into your country just shoot us a email! We have distributors all over the world who love reselling Titan Grips after they purchase them from us at a wholesale price! 

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